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Excellence in Carpentry Design


At Blok we design custom made furniture as well as decorations with a high level of detail to easily move into the production process. We work using the best technologies, achieving practical objects, robust construction and attractive aesthetics.

We experimented with many materials and shapes in our design studio to achieve a different product.

We work with digital media for parametric design like GRASSHOPPER, 3d modeling like RHINOCEROS or and renderers like V-ray that give us more freedom when projecting a design.


The base of our workshop is the numerical control since it provides an accuracy, precision and speed that is difficult to achieve in conventional carpentry. But it is also true that the manual work of the carpenter cannot be replaced by a machine. That is why in our workshop we combine the two things to obtain the best final product.

We have long experience in little daily assemblies which does not make us very flexible when it comes to doing anything, tell us what you want and we can do it.

We make pieces combining wood and epoxy to make exclusive custom made furniture.


We make all kinds of signs for different businesses. If you give us your logo we take care of offering you a sign suitable for your business, adapted to your budget with an infinite number of options.

We create wood signs, light signs or metallic signs according to the aesthetic that best suits you.


We offer cutting and machining service in number control for maximum measurements without cuts of 245x125cm and up to 20 cm in height. It allows to make mitres, recesses and engravings with great precision and to cut from PVC, methacrylate; dibon, porex or any type of wood.

We can reproduce your own file with your design or if you bring us an idea we can digitize it so that it can later be cut with the numerical control.

Our expert carpenters can guide you on which types of wood or lace are most appropriate for each situation.